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Hello everyone ,today i have chosen a topic which needs discussion.

I feel in one way or other all of us are desperate for something. Whether it is to catch the first bus to office or to get a promotion ,a house,a car,in case of students to get staright A’s, grab a good job and finally at the end of the day to come home desparately and take a nap.

Infact this desparation turns into greed and we still do not realise it .In today’s time everyone wants to be successful,to fulfill their wishes because a dream without action is just a wish. In the desire to achieve success they forget about themselves and their health.

As monotonous as it may sound but this is the truth. Since childhood we are taught to be competitive whether it be beating a fellow in sack race or winning the fancy dress . I am not against it rather i promote healthy competition that allow people to come out of their comfort zones and grow . This is the 21st century where every month ,to keep up with the pace of growth around us we have to double our speed .

We are desparate to earn money ,live lavishly and be comfortable, all this while being totally ignorant about inner peace. We choose paths that seem promising for a good future even when it is not our interest.Following passion seems to be a luxury that many can’t afford yet we keep try to get better at every step.

Everyone is living their lives ,some happily ,others just coping with it.

Do you know why you are desperate? . Maybe its because of the gap between what you want and your reality.
Try to be a less greedy.
Try to be more accepting, make your journey towards your dreams more enjoyable and memorable.

Try to continue your hobbies along with your jobs. Listen to music ,draw ,go out make friends along with following ur goals

Make yourself happy .IT is alright to take breaks,to do nothing on a sunday

Remember no deadline is bigger than mental peace

Find yourself and stay healthy.

12 thoughts on “Desparation”

  1. We are chasing success while copying others despite knowing the fact inner peace comes from within..
    Nice work! All the best for future work.


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