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Life is hard but it is temporary

Be like the sun,always shining.

Before starting this blog i read some other blogs about how to write an impactful piece, something which can grab the readers attention and sail my boat in the blogging world,so i wrote and deleted,edited deleted again untill i finally knew what i should write about next. Read to find out more

Its 2:20 AM right now where i live ,i just finished watching 2 back to back episodes of a web series that a friend recommended . As i was about to retire to bed my mind wanted to scroll a little more on YouTube and i realized that my feed is mostly of videos about how to stay  motivated ( rest about k drama,but ill talk about it another time)

recap: i began this blog site to share my medical journey ,all was going well in the clinical life untill we were graced by the pandemic of 2020 which led to shutdown of the whole world and forced everyone to stay at home. All the burden was put on doctors to balance the situation but according to me medical students were equally hit ,as you cannot learn Medicine across a screen .

So me as a busy final year medical student who worked from 8 to 4 everyday for five days a week was left with a lot(tttt) of time on my hands . Initially i tried my luck in the kitchen which made me realise i can also do other things besides studying ,but kitchen couldn’t keep me in for long. Time passed and the ‘stay at home’ duration increased so i decided to start studying on my own at home.

Being energised everyday, wake up with motivation to make the day productive is what many want but just like the majority i have also suffered with lack of motivation . I want to be at the best of my game everyday,i have lot to prove for myself but my procrastination seems to put off things on hold for some time. To balance this i have tried many things like

1) make note of things that you want to do the next day,wake up with a goal

2) make short term goals with set time

3) give yourself one day break in the week,if not the whole day atleast half a day.

4) apart from work do something that you enjoy,it can be painting , singing ,cooking or writing in my case

5) change the topic,subject that makes u feel bored watch something fun in the mean time and come back refreshed

We are our best enemies . As humans sometimes we let our emotions speak for ourselves and when the emotional hangover is over regret takes over so its better to be safe than sorry

mental health


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Hello everyone ,today i have chosen a topic which needs discussion.

I feel in one way or other all of us are desperate for something. Whether it is to catch the first bus to office or to get a promotion ,a house,a car,in case of students to get staright A’s, grab a good job and finally at the end of the day to come home and take a nap.

Infact this desparation turns into greed and we still do not realise it .In today’s time everyone wants to be successful,to fulfill their wishes because a dream without action is just a wish. In the desire to achieve success they forget about themselves and their health.

As monotonous as it may sound but this is the truth. Since childhood we are taught to be competitive whether it be beating a fellow in sack race or winning the fancy dress . I am not against it rather i promote healthy competition that allow people to come out of their comfort zones and grow . This is 21st century where every month ,to keep up with the pace of growth around us we have to double our speed .

We are desparate to earn money ,live lavishly and be comfortable, all this while being totally ignorant about inner peace. We choose paths that seem promising for a good future even when it is not our interest.Following passion seems to be a luxury that many can’t afford yet we try to get better at every step.

Everyone are living their lives ,some happily ,others just coping with it.

Do you know why you are desperate? . Maybe its because of the gap between what you want and your reality.
Try to be a less greedy.
Try to be more accepting, make your journey towards your dream more enjoyable and memorable.

Continue your hobbies along with your jobs. Listen to music ,draw ,go out make friends while reaching for your goal.

Make yourself happy .IT is alright to take breaks,to do nothing on a sunday

Remember no deadline is bigger than mental peace

Find yourself and stay healthy.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton